Tasting set 4 honeys
Tasting set 4 honeys
Tasting set 4 honeys

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Tasting set 4 honeys

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Our team has concocted two sets of varietal honeys for you to discover, savor and accompany all your favorite cheeses. This is an opportunity to discover the marvelous universe of Quebec honeys. Ideal for your receptions or for tastings with family or friends.

Each tasting set is made up of a beech wood display that allows you to store and safely transport your four honeys. You will also find a descriptive sheet of the flavors and pairings with the cheeses, associated with each honey.

Offer this original and exceptional culinary experience as a gift!

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This set includes

4 honeys of 65g format

L-062 Fresh | Floral
Flavours: Fresh flowers | Mint | Citrus
Pairing - Cheese: Soft cheese

L-021 Plant | Milky
Flavours: Caramelized butter | Black fruits | tomato paste
Pairing - Cheese: Goat cheese

L-112 Fruity | Floral
Flavours: Floral fragrance | Melon | Fishing | Caramel
Pairing - Cheese: Soft cheese

L-022 Hot | Animal
Flavours: Farmhouse taste | Malt | Coffee | Cocoa
Pairing - Cheese: Semi-firm

1 wooden display


Pairing honey

Dare to create

Drizzle honey on the cheese.

Balance the natural tart and salty taste of cheese with the sweetness and smoothness of honey.

Dare to create a gourmet pairing. Taste the cheese, then the honey, and finally their pairing. There is no wrong way to go about it, just enjoy yourself.

Discover kinds of honey for their unique character, and experience cheese in a different way.

A duo that will thrill your tastebuds and those of your guests.



Honey will naturally crystallize, each in a different way. This is an opportunity to experience various textures while tasting. Discover these textures while pairing honey with your favorite cheeses and their own textures.

To make honey liquid again, simply chamber the vial in a glass of very hot but not boiling water for a few minutes, and lightly shake the vial a few times.

Our honeys are not pasteurized and are minimally filtered to retain their natural character and proprieties.