Liaison's mission is to enhance Quebec's rich floral heritage by making unique Quebec kinds of honey accessible. Liaison is the experience of discovering kinds of honey by their characteristics, aromas, notes, and intensities. Just like wines, teas, or coffees, they are defined by their uniqueness and complexity.Liaison also means the experience of pairing specific honey and cheeses. The natural acidity and saltiness of the cheeses are balanced with the sweetness and creaminess of honey. We want to offer the most beautiful combinations and accompany you in the art of tasting, discovering, and living an experience by combining these two noble products.

Liaison = Creating moments


The creation of Liaison

“It starts with a love story between my job as a beekeeper, my love for the art of the table, and that of artisan cheesemakers. Food thrills me and inspires me. I love the sensation of combining simple, fresh, and undenatured products.Creation has always been part of my life and I am curious by nature. I wanted to put my knowledge forward and establish a bridge between gastronomy, art, botany, biology, and entomology.

The world of beekeeping fascinates me. I have always found that specialized honeys from Quebec weren’t properly showcased. I wanted to highlight the organoleptic qualities of honey from micro-terroirs and share them with others.

LIAISON, from my point of view, offers a vocabulary to the public, to beekeepers, to specialists in the food trade, and to cheese makers to better identify kinds of honey, their aromas, and their notes.

LIAISON is also the pretext to discover the sensory universe of Quebec honeys through suggested pairings with cheeses.

Finally, LIAISON is for me a hyphen, one that allows exchange, pleasure, and a tasting experience, through different moments.”

- Valérie, beekeeper and epicurean


Our beekeeping

We believe in ethical beekeeping and harvesting. We raise our bees and use sustainable techniques that respect bees and the environment. We support our bee populations by keeping them healthy and we do not overcrowd colonies. We respect the natural life cycle of the bee and consider the hive as a complete organism.

LIAISON honeys are harvested without chemical repellents and the bees are not treated with antibiotics. We try to overwinter our bees with their honey and the pollen they have collected. Our harvests in no way modify the original composition of the honey and we strive to preserve its integrity.

Sustainable beekeeping requires knowledge, control, and mastery of several factors before harvest, and while preparing or packaging honey.

To complete our selection of honeys, LIAISON proudly partners with independent Quebec beekeepers who are conscientious about sustainable, small-scale, and bee-friendly beekeeping.

If you share our values ​​and have a vintage that you want to discover through the LIAISON experience, do not hesitate to contact us.


Pure and natural honey


Sustainable beekeeping

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From beehive to table


The terroir

Good honey is like good wine: it is defined by the very work of the bees and their environment. It features layers of intriguing flavors, and changes in color, scent, and density.

Each honey tells the story of the flowers providing the nectar that surround the hive. Each flower produces nectar of unique color and flavor. These nectars have a direct impact on the aromas and tastes of the honey harvested.

Coming from the nectar of a wide variety of flowers, our kinds of honey reflect their region of origin and their terroir. Depending on the flowers growing in the pastures, wastelands, and forests near the apiaries, the honey will taste fruitier, more herbaceous, fresher, or stronger.

Honey is a living and unique product. It is never identical from one apiary to another, from region to region, from season to season, and even from year to year.