L'expérience LIAISON

The LIAISON experience

“For me, the honey-cheese duo can be enjoyed at any time during the day. There are no strict rules for creating a magical combination. However, when it comes to pairing the two, it's all about the sensory experience. Food taste and enjoyment are subjective, so I strongly recommend that you experiment to find a combination that appeals to your palate. Awakening all your senses will make your pairings more enjoyable.”
Valérie - Founder of Liaison





Our pairing card may help you get inspired or use it to combine honey with different cheeses. According to the honey’s notes and flavors, the cheeses shown on the top line in bold are guaranteed to create an interesting tasting experience. Visual appeal and presentation are important in how we perceive food, so express your style when creating pairings.

Try as many times as you want!  When you do, be sure to savor every bite with mindfulness and joy!

To complete your experience, check out our glossary or contact us to find out about upcoming tasting workshops

For a moment of discovery

We recommend trying honeys and cheeses alone before testing pairings. Serve at least two very different kinds of honey, hence giving your guests options to try different pairings.

Leave the honeys in their vials for easy identification. Liquid honey can be used as is, by pouring it onto plates or directly on the cheeses.Crystallized honey can be steeped in a glass of hot water and stirred before being transferred from the container to a small serving bowl, so they are easier to serve if you wish to do so.

Adding honey to your cheeseboard will not only enhance flavors but spark new conversations. Don't be afraid to make a mistake and dare to taste combinations! 

If you don’t eat cheese ?

“Liaison offers all of us an opportunity to discover the sensory world of Quebec honey by showcasing unique kinds of honey.  Discover them through a vocabulary reflecting their aromas, their notes, their colors, and their densities.” 

Without cheese, the Liaison experience remains an opportunity to find Quebec honeys you like. Use our pairing card or our glossary to develop your knowledge of this fascinating sensory world. Have fun discovering them and finding the perfect one for your tea or breakfast. The format of our vials allows you to compare them. Once you find your favorite honeys, you can buy them in larger sizes.