L'art d'accompagner le miel et son fromage

The art of pairing honey with cheese

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Have you tried pairing honey and cheese?

Combining the two is a sublime experience and if you're new to this emerging trend, consider it a fresh take on your classic breakfast yogurt and honey.

Imagine the satisfying sweetness of honey uniting with the taste of creamy, salty cheese. Honey can transform a cheeseboard into an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

While Quebec artisanal cheeses abound in the counters of many markets, the varieties of artisanal honeys can be a little rarer, even difficult to find. There are hundreds of types of honey, each with its flavor. Therefore, there is honey to perfectly complement each cheese.

With so many different types available, it can be difficult to know which honey is the perfect match for a given cheese. Remember that food enjoyment is subjective, so experiment to find a combination that appeals to your palate.

Here’s some advice for pairing this dynamic duo. 

n° 1 – Complementarity

The association of honey with cheeses of equal intensity and flavors creates a balance. Combine kinds of honey and cheeses that both have a light taste to obtain said balance. On the other hand, sweet honey will balance salty, bitter or, acidic cheeses.

Try these pairings:

  • Ricotta with delicate honeys
  • Blue or pungent cheeses with dark honeys, or with honeys with woody, warm, or animal notes
  • Brie or Gouda with wildflowers honey of moderate intensity 

n° 2 – Contrast

Here, we let opposites attract.Combine light and sweet honey with salty or blue cheeses, and dark rustic honey with light and soft cheeses.

Try these pairings:

  • Cheddar with bold honey with warm and vegetal notes
  • Parmigiano or manchego with delicate honey with vegetal notes

n° 3 – Texture

The texture of our foods adds pleasure and is an important part of the sensory experience.

Who can resist masticating a comb of honey or the fine granules of crystallized honey? Their respective texture adds another dimension to the overall tasting experience. Try it with textured, soft, crumbly, or firm cheeses.

Try these pairings:

  • Comb of honey with a triple cream cheese
  • Crystallized honey with a hard or crumbly cheese

n° 4 – Local products

If it grew together, it goes together. Indeed, honey from a specific region is naturally a perfect complement to cheeses and foods that have been produced in the same place. It is the true sense of terroir or the taste of a particular place.


n° 5 – Exploration

If you like it, then it's delicious!

Start with the honey and cheese pairings you know and love. When in doubt, choose a mild cheese like ricotta, yogurt, or brie that's light enough to let the honey shine through.

Our best tips to create great moments

Cheese, like honey, is best served at room temperature, so take your cheeses out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving and, if necessary, chamber your crystallized honey if you want it to turn liquid.For more textures and flavors, serve roasted, salted, or raw nuts, dried or fresh fruit such as tart cherries or apricots, dates, or raisins. Try green apples, pears, berries, or freshly sliced ​​figs. You could even include fresh herbs like rosemary or mint.

Choose to accompany your creation with wine, beer, cider, port, or mead. There are endless combinations to accommodate everyone’s palate.

Test your choices with family and friends by serving a platter of various honey and cheese pairings at your next gathering. Share your moments and favorite pairings with us on our social networks or right here.